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Upcoming Events

A session will be held at IDRC-2020 on Tuesday morning, July 28th, in honour of the late Karl Norris, the Initiator and Father of NIRS. If you wish to contribute please advise Phil Williams, who will assemble the session, at The deadline for submission is February 29th, 2020.

Karl Norris - Tribute to a legend.
A message from Phil Williams.
International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC)
IDRC (a.k.a. “the Chambersburg meeting”) follows the Gordon Conference format: the registrants attend plenary morning and evening sessions, with afternoons free for elective activities. This allows a unique opportunity for informal interaction with highly accomplished professionals in the field. Since 1982, this unique conference has offered the opportunity to forge lifelong professional relationships and friendships.

NEW! Young Scientist Award
The Young Scientist Award, sponsored by Avian Technologies LLC, is recognizing excellence in diffuse reflectance research performed by currently enrolled graduate and post-doctoral students. Check the documents link in the main section for more details.